Our Philosophy

Beauty Goes Beyond the Face

The area below the face accounts for 95% of the total skin surface area of the human body.

Being the largest organ, the skin is essential for various processes focusing on detoxification and temperature regulation. To allow these processes to work optimally, the right skin care routine is essential to protect and maintain the skin's protective barrier and shield it from harsh environmental aggressors.

Natalie’s Cosmetics is an advanced body care brand with a medical background that has been created to fulfill the need of high-quality, science-backed body care products that are as packed with active ingredients as you would find in high-end serums. These cutting-edge products can therefore effectively treat your skin conditions, so that you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin anytime – if at the beach, in a bikini or dressed for a night out. When developing her products, Natalie conducted extensive research and selected an assortment of potent active ingredients that have a clinically-proven effect on your skin. It’s one of the unique pillars of the brand not to compromise on quality, whether it comes to sourcing of ingredients or formulating the products while being conscious of the importance of sustainability.— Dr. Med. Univ. Natalie Lindner

Experience Natalie's Cosmetics, the early category leader in science-backed, problem-solving body care.

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