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I’m Natalie, the founder of Natalie’s Cosmetics and I’m so glad you are taking some time out of your busy day, to read this. Natalie’s is a young, female doctor brand founded in Munich, Germany. I have been a self-proclaimed skin care junkie since I was 15 years old and have always strived to create a personal care brand that meets the high standards of facial care companies. I have tried and tested countless products, loved or disliked various of them and found myself falling for marketing claims that sounded ‘life changing’ (or better said, ‘skin changing’), but eventually did not hold what they promised nor were they backed up by science. 

So let me give you a little insight of my background. I am currently 25 years old, was born and raised in Munich, Germany, to where – after many years of living and studying abroad – I have gladly returned again. I graduated medical school at the age of 24 and since then focused on Natalie's or respectively on the development of its products and the company itself. I probably could have never gotten so far, without the support and commitment of my boyfriend and partner in business, Tim Hammermann. Being an entrepreneur himself, Tim always encouraged me to start my own business. He is convinced that the world still has very little female founders and it would be great to encourage other young, enthusiastic women to open their own businesses and to give entrepreneurial expression to their passion.

During medical school I have always enjoyed dermatology but was always unsatisfied with the limited treatment options and the ‘prescription style’ methodology. We live in a world where people don't always have access and/or time to see a dermatologist and as many who have suffered with their skin know, it's not a short term cortisone fix, but a long path in which one has to have a skin care routine that works for you – without having to visit a doctor!

I wanted to create more than just a regular body lotion that smells nice and hydrates the skin. The market is flooded with loads of face products, of which some are excellent and get the job done, however skin problems don’t stop at the face. Beauty and well-being also come from a healthy and well-groomed body skin, which is why we focus on precisely this region. I am convinced that skin problems and skin health in general play an essential role in self-esteem and self-care. I want to empower every person to feel comfortable whether they are dressed, naked or on the beach- independent of their age, gender or body shape.

The main problems with body care is that you can mostly either buy very beautifully packaged products that smell amazing but don't really help your skin or not being able to target a specific concern (for example pigmentation). On the other hand, you can buy/ get a prescription for a very ‘unsexy’ farmacy product, which has something like ‘ACNE’ written over it’s packaging. I just don’t believe that you should feel embarrassed for having a skin concern and that you should not only use products that make you feel pampered and confident, when placed on your bathroom counter, but that also actually help your skin (concern)!

I would love for you to try our one-of-a-kind body care products. Every single one unites months of development and research and represents a skin concern that we are targeting with science-backed, luxurious ingredients (i.e. hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C, BHA, AHA, arnica, calendula) developed without parabens, PEGs, mineral oil, SLS or silicones. In addition, our products are 100% vegan,  cruelty-free and organic. We have excluded ingredients that may cause allergies (i.e. SLS & most essential oils) and have sustained from including dyes and fillers. The products are mildly fragranced with non-allergenic perfumes.

Sustainability and running a business, which is not solely based on profit was one of my main goals. I put a lot of energy into research regarding packaging, shipping, materials, sourcing options and it is still very difficult to find the perfect solution. We want to do our part for this lovely planet, and thus, all of our products are filled into recycled-HDPE bottles or glass and we only use minimal packaging as well as recycled and recyclable paper, tape and water-based ink for printing. Our products are solely designed, developed, packaged and shipped with love and an eye for detail in Germany. This let’s us guarantee the highest quality standard for our customers. 

Beauty goes beyond the face! 


Enjoy pampering yourself!




Effective, Science-backed & Sustainable Bodycare.

Beauty goes beyond the face.